CREATE 2019: Vision Board

Sticking to my creative challenge the first week of January was pretty easy because I make it a point to always create a vision board for my year.

There are various beliefs about vision boards (see Oprah and The Secret), but I simply like being able to look at something  that reminds me what my intentions for the year are. Vision boards keep me from getting sidetracked or distracted by making me think about my goals every day.

Plus, it’s such a fun project!

I love pulling out my old magazines (or buying new ones), breaking out the Elmer’s glue, and just having fun using my hands to make something for an hour. I decided to watch some “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” as I sat down at the kitchen table and planned out my visual vibe for 2019.

For me, it’s all about how the elements on the vision board make me feel. Words that encourage and spur me on. This year, I found myself drawn toward pictures of people relaxing or exploring nature. Scenes and phrases that represent community, growth, or taking risks seemed to be constants, which I feel represent my CREATE motif well.

Here’s how it turned out! What elements do you love adding to your vision boards?


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A freelance writer from the Deep South with a love of reading, writing, dramatic storytelling, indie music, and her corgi pup.

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