April 7-8 garage sale will support missions of FUMC

Originally published April 2017

Spring cleaning can make a world of difference.

Each year, lines form, eager to wade through piles of donations and walk away with a good deal. But it’s about more than just getting a bargain; it’s about aiding a global ministry.

The annual First United Methodist Church of Clinton Missions Garage Sale will be Friday, Apr. 7, thru Saturday, Apr. 8, at 100 Mt. Salus Dr. Friday kicks off with an early bird sale from 7 am to 9 am with a $5 admission. After 9 am, there is no entry free, and doors will stay open until 7 pm. Saturday’s sale is from 6 am until noon.

The Missions Garage Sale began as a way to help cover the costs of FUMC Clinton’s global mission trips. Since 1999, the sale has grown to help support not only international mission teams to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belarus, Cambodia, and more, but also individual missionaries, as well as local ministries such as Bethlehem Center and Methodist Children’s Home.

The gym is usually filled with donations. Furniture, books, holiday decorations, and more line the walls. Clothes, electronics, tools, and toys usually make up the majority. And while one man’s trash may be another’s treasure, the garage sale team makes sure people walk away with a good purchase. “We have very high quality items available, especially clothes and shoes,” says FUMC Clinton member Evan Parker, who is organizing the sale this year. “We want people who come and shop this garage sale to find great items and meet the friendly people of our church.”

Shoppers are advised to bring a bag, and church volunteers can help load vehicles if necessary. There will also be a bake sale with cakes, cookies, brownies, as well as coffee and biscuits.

“Every penny we raise goes straight to missions,” says FUMC member Mike Grove. Grove has participated in numerous international mission trips through FUMC Clinton and knows the spiritual impact fundraisers like the garage sale can have. He’s seen churches be built and people come to know the Lord because of the financial support of missions.

Last year, the Missions Garage Sale raised almost $15,000. Grove says the goal this year is $20,000.

“God calls us to help the people next door and around the world,” he says. Grove adds the garage sale is a chance for those who cannot go on a mission trip to be a part of what the church is doing in Clinton and around the world. He says the garage sale has turned into a ministry of its own.

“When people in our own community have the opportunity to purchase quality goods at a greatly reduced price, they not only obtain needed items, they now have the ability to use their money for other necessities of life,” says FUMC Clinton senior pastor Tommy Artmann. “Perhaps just as important, the FUMC garage sale gives people a chance to meet, interact with, and show God’s love to people they might never get to know otherwise. In the end, that is what it is all about, working together and cooperating in a way that allows us to share God’s love with one another—people close by and those far away.”

Parker says, “We want people to leave the garage sale with a feeling of contentment, knowing that the members of FUMC were proud to have them come to our church, and that we would love to have them back.”

You can call 601.924.6671 or visit fumcclinton.org for more information.

-Abigail Walker

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A freelance writer from the Deep South with a love of reading, writing, dramatic storytelling, indie music, and her corgi pup.

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